Music Ministry
The worship service at Wayside is traditional in nature. We believe that music was created by God for the purpose of bringing worship and glory to His name (Psalm 29). Therefore, we believe that music must reflect the character and nature of God that we see in Scripture and must be set apart from the world, both in the means and message (Romans 12:2). Check out the different musical opportunities to experience and to serve in here at Wayside.
Adult Choir
Our adult choir is comprised of both adults and teens with a passion to serve in the choir. They are a talented group of individuals who really know how to communicate the truths of God through psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Generally, they do a Christmas Cantata and serve in the months of August-April. Feel free to come and be a part of our choir.
Hand Bell Choir
Our Hand Bell Choir is lead by Mrs. Holly Helman. We are blessed with a set of 4-octaves of English hand bells and a set of 3-octaves of hand chimes. The choir does an outstanding job in providing a different avenue of music for our church services. We are always looking for new musicians to come play with us.
Our orchestra plays for each of our services and provides special music. Right now, it is comprised of both brass and woodwinds such as flute, clarinet, trumpet, tenor sax and euphonium. If you play an instrument, then come join us and put your God-given talents to use in our orchestra.
Children’s Choir and Chimes
We have both choir and chimes, led by Mrs. Melissa Gregory. Mrs. Tricia Garcia assists with the Christmas program every year. The children sing and play in special music opportunities throughout the year. Come and have your child join and serve, as well.