Missionaries Supported by Wayside Chapel
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Paul Smith
Training Leaders Int.
Tonya & Martha Cornelius
GFA Missions
Ron & Pam Morton
Word of Life
Ron & Melanie Peedin
Don & Zoe Peffer
Crossworld Missions
Family photo Don & Zoe Peffer with their grandchildren in 2018
Rachel Langendorfer
GFA Missions
Aaron & Stephanie Cochrell
Baptist Mid-Missions
Mark & Bekah Perry
Gospel Mission of South America
Mark & Bekah Perry
Norma Helle
GFA Missions
Stan & Ruth Templeton
Baptist Mid-Missions
Kevin & Carol Matthia
GFA Missions
Lyle and Becky Reffey
Josh and Rebekah Miller
Biblical Ministries Worldwide
Mike and Alicia Nicholes
Word of Life
Chris and Lucinda Radebaugh
Baptist International Outreach
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Miguel and Clara Yustiz
Baptist Mid-Missions
Good Shepherd Children’s Home
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Camp Evangel
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Wendell & Virginia Rogers
Rock of Ages
David and Lynne Champlin
Ind Faith
Janet Meneses
Baptist Mid-Missions
Jonathan and Sherri Champlin
Ind Faith
Lance and Jacque Nelson
Campus Crusade