Growth Groups


Our goal through Growth Groups is to relationally connect with each other and to spiritually connect to Christ by being doers of the Word and not hearers only (James 1:22). Each member and regular attender is assigned to one of six Growth Groups led by a deacon and/or pastor. Each Sunday of Growth Groups, Pastor Wyler provides a list of application questions based on that morning’s sermon so that we can discuss what we have learned and encourage each other’s application of the truth.


January - February: Growth Groups meet at church each Sunday at 1pm following a Fellowship Dinner which follows the Morning Worship Service.
March - December: Growth Groups meet on the first Sunday of each month in someone’s home or another location designated by the group leaders.

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To help facilitate interaction with our shut-ins and supported missionaries, each shut-in and missionary family has been assigned to a Growth Group that will take special interest in caring for them.